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Create. Celebrate.

We invest in women

We invest in storytellers

We invest in change makers...!

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With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen

We are a team of dreamers, doers, change makers based in Europe, America, Australia and South Asia. We believe in the power of story telling and we believe there are incredible women out there waiting to make their first features, independent films and execute other creative projects.

Storyboard Ventures is created to fund female filmmakers, produce and co-produce feature films and shorts directed by women. We would love to be a part of your team and remove the pain points of looking for initial funds, marketing, distribution, film festival screenings etc., by bringing in our expertise from the startup and venture capital worlds. 

Let's tell some remarkable stories together!

What we do

What are we upto! 

  • Collaborate: We aim to fund over 100 female filmmakers and creative projects in the next 36 months.

  • Create: We'd love to co-create high impact feature films, short films and independent films.

  • Celebrate: We have funded filmmakers for their shorts/indie films that are budgeted under 1200 Euros through our pilot program. We'l be announcing the fund for feature length films in November 2023. 

Funding Short Films
&  Feature Films

We are inviting applications to seek funding for your shortfilms & independent films that are budgeted under 1200 Euros.

Update: Applications for the pilot program were open between March 10 - April 28, 2023. We received 81 applications from 35 countries and we've selected 10 female filmmakers and awarded 1200 Euros per project. 

Co-Production & Collaboration 

Just inspire us with your story telling and we'd love to collaborate with you! If you are looking for a co-producer or marketing help for your film, we'd gladly introduce you to our partners who are independent producers and experts in execution. Applications will open in November.

We are celebrating women in cinema this November! Join us in Brussels to meet and learn from the inspiring filmmakers, actors, writers, technicians and many other women who have contributed immensely to the world of cinema!

Film Screening & Distribution

Every storyteller has a dream to show their work to the world.

We would love the storytellers we fund to focus on creating outstanding projects and we will focus on taking the projects to the larger canvas, international film festivals, digital media/OTT and other platforms. 

I Am Tomorrow
Intl. Film Festival 

Built for Creatives, by Creatives & Change Makers

  • We are a team of problem solvers working on finding creative solutions for some of the world's most challenging issues.

  • Storyboard Ventures is born from the thought on how we could put focus on upcoming storytellers and how we could enable hundreds of female filmmakers and creators around the world.

  • We strongly believe women can create a huge impact on the world and so do the films.

  • Storyboard Ventures team has been relentlessly working towards making things happen for the women across the world and we are now creating a powerful platform for women in cinema and arts. 

Mentorship &  Masterclasses

Production Assistance

Screening & Distribution

Get Ready to Show

What You've Got to the World!

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